Slow made, sustainable jewellery - steeped in meaning

 Smugglers Treasures soaks up the rawness of nature and the wild adventures it can lead us on. A deep connection to the ocean stemming back to childhood days in the cold North Sea and a great need to explore this diverse world we live in, has all influenced the work you see before you. 
I hope to tell a story with every piece I make, from personal memories to ancient folklore, the jewellery is more than an accessory, it is an heirloom to treasure and behold. An item that evokes nostalgia as well as inspiring you to embrace the journeys ahead.
I work alone in my Whitby studio, only the sound of seagulls for company. Each piece is handcrafted using traditional tools and techniques, as a self-taught metalsmith I am constantly learning new skills in this trade and my work is not made to look factory finished. It is however, made using two hands and celebrates the beauty in every hammer and file mark. These imperfections are what give it depth and connection, one human to another.  
I am in awe of the wilds and this relationship with nature constantly inspires my work, but it also makes me passionate about protecting it. I am constantly striving to be as sustainable as possible, both in my private life and at work. I am aware jewellery is a luxury item so with that in mind I aim to have as minimal impact on the environment whilst working in this practise. I only use ethically sourced gemstones as well as recycled silver and gold where possible and the natural cowrie shells you see in my work have been reclaimed from vintage accessories. Your items are then carefully gift wrapped in recyclable and reusable boxes and bags. 
I have great respect for nature and support our local beach activists wholeheartedly as well as carrying out a beach clean every time I'm on the sand. I spend many an hour combing the shoreline for glistening sea glass (a once manmade product), I truly believe these special finds carry the energy of the ocean; powerful and healing all at once.
Here's to many adventures together.
Salty kisses, Geri x