Eco Silver

You can shop in confidence knowing that I only work with Eco Silver which is 100% recycled silver produced from waste medical equipment, giftware, and scrap. This silver comes with a certificate of authenticity and works in exactly the same way as new silver only it's a more environmentally friendly option. 

Recycled Gold 

I don't work with gold all too often but when I do I only use 100% recycled gold, again insuring minimal impact on the earth.


Any metalsmith will tell you there's no such thing as waste when it comes to precious metals. Every filing, cut off and piece of polishing paper is kept to be either incorporated into a new design or melted down to be used in castings in the studio. I have a box that I am slowly filling and once it gets full I'll send it away to a refinery to be repurposed into useable bullion. Not a speck is a lost.

Sea Glass

I work a lot with sea glass, please know that what I use is genuine ocean tumbled glass which I spend hours combing the shoreline for. Some people claim to use sea glass and tumble broken glass at home, this IS NOT the same thing. Real sea glass has a distinct appearance, pitted and matte. The shapes are usually irregular making it notoriously difficult to work with but one of the many reasons I love it so much as no two pieces are the same. I do not alter the glass I find in any way other than washing it. I like to let the unusual shapes dictate the design and this often sparks real creativity. 

I have beachcombed since a child and the North Yorkshire coast is one of my favourite places to find these ocean offerings, however when I travel the beach is the first place I will seek out and I will always have one eye open for sea glass. I organise all of my glass by location and will state in a listing where the glass has been found.

I truly believe sea glass carries the energy of the ocean and that raw connection is what makes it so powerful.

Ethical Stones

All gemstones used in my work have been sourced from ethical suppliers. I try to buy from local dealers where possible reducing footprint as well as supporting fellow creatives. However the turquoise I use is sourced direct from the mines and suppliers in America and is cut by skilled stone cutters. I try to buy this in bulk to minimise the carbon footprint and I am striving to cut out the middle man and learn to cut the stones myself. Watch this space.



Each piece you see has been handcrafted by me, just two hands working hard. I believe that slow made means maximum heart. I take my time over sourcing the stones, designing the jewellery and then bringing it to life in my studio. In a world full of fast fashion I choose to stay slow. Reconnecting the maker to the consumer, capturing stories and moments in every single piece because you deserve to wear those moments not just briefly but forever.

I have opted for a green energy supplier in bid to help reduce my carbon footprint and I am always looking for new ways to work in a more sustainable way.

In the studio I use eco friendly materials where possible, choosing to buy second hand tools, reusing packaging for storage, fixing things when they break instead of out with the old in with the new.



All jewellery is sent out to you ready to gift, but looking gorgeous doesn't have to mean lashings of plastic, in fact to me it's the very opposite. I use natural cotton gift bags and kraft gift boxes that are made from 40% recycled board but are FULLY recyclable, however the foam insert isn't at the moment. This is something I am looking into at the moment. Having said the idea is that you Re-Use the boxes and bags to help keep your jewellery safe and free from tarnishing. 

Each box is tied with natural brown string and rather than use bubble wrap I use a small piece of natural muslin cloth to pad out your special delivery. Again this can be recycled or used again. 

All items are then carefully wrapped in recycled brown packing paper and Eco tape all of which can be recycled. 

I like to forgo the car when possible and walk to the local post office to send off your parcels, breathing in that salty air with a spring in my step.


I don't claim to be perfect and there's still a lot of ways to improve but I am trying my hardest to work and live as sustainably as possible. As a lover of this planet I hope to tread lightly but with a full heart.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”