Bamburgh Cockle Shell Necklace
Bamburgh Cockle Shell Necklace
Bamburgh Cockle Shell Necklace

Bamburgh Cockle Shell Necklace

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A solid sterling silver cockle shell sand cast by hand in my studio. I used a natural shell found on the beach during a trip to Bamburgh in Northumberland and created a mould to cast the fragile shell into a  more robust piece that can be worn on every adventure. No two are ever the same due to the handmade nature, just like no two shells are ever the same in the ocean. 

It has long been a dream of mine to capture these organic finds in silver form, exalting their beauty from beachcombing trinkets to timeless adornments. 

Cockles evoke memories of beachcombing and seafood treats from fish stalls after a long day of soaking up the sea air. And we've all heard the phrase "it warms my cockles", a way to express being heart warmed by something, one theory behind its origins is the base of these little shells, their shape resembling a heart. Think of them as comforter, run your fingers over the curved details and take a moment for yourself. A chance to pause, breathe and meditate. 

Each pendant comes with a choice of chain, please select length at checkout. 

Handmade using Eco silver, which is 100% recycled material.

Pendant approx. Size: 20mm x 16mm

Weighs approx. 6.82g