Sandsend Ammonite Necklace
Sandsend Ammonite Necklace

Sandsend Ammonite Necklace

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A solid sterling silver ammonite sand cast by hand in my studio. I used a natural ammonite fossil from Sandsend beach and created a mould to cast the ancient fossil into a more robust piece that can be worn on every adventure. No two pendants are ever the same due to the handmade nature, just like no two sharks are ever the same. 

It has long been a dream of mine to capture these organic finds in silver form, exalting their beauty from beachcombing trinkets to timeless adornments and combining fragility and strength.

This fossilised ammonite is millions of years old so it's no wonder these beautiful fossils are looked upon to hold ancient wisdom. They can be used to help aid us move from the old into the new. The ammonites spiralling detail is mesmerising and can be seen on either side of the charm, a symbol of change and positive motion. It is believed an ammonite draws negative energy into its spiral, cleansing it in each chamber to then release positive energy. Wearing such a mystical charm is sure to bring some much needed calm into your life.

Each pendant comes with a choice of chain, please select length at checkout. 

Made using Eco silver, 100% recycled material ensuring minimal impact on the earth.

Approx. Size: 18mm x 11mm

Approx. weight 4.20g