Large Otodus Sharks Tooth Necklace
Large Otodus Sharks Tooth Necklace

Large Otodus Sharks Tooth Necklace

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A large solid sterling silver sharks tooth sand cast by hand in my studio. I used a natural fossilised Otodus sharks tooth and created a mould to cast the ancient fossil into a more robust piece that can be worn on every adventure. No two pendants are ever the same due to the handmade nature, just like no two sharks are ever the same. 

It has long been a dream of mine to capture these organic finds in silver form, exalting their beauty from beachcombing trinkets to timeless adornments and combining fragility and strength.

This Otodus sharks tooth is millions of years old, it is believed to be a descendant from the infamous Megladon, Mako and Great White. Found on the South coast this fossilised tooth still has the cusps either side of the main tooth.

Shark teeth have long been symbols of strength and courage. They have been worn as talismans by sea dwellers in a bid to obtain protection from the wild rapture of the waves as well as what lies beneath them. The sharks tooth is full of power and mystery. Not only that but fossils are believed to help guide us from the old into the new.

Theres a mini shark tooth also available, you could double up your ocean protection or perhaps treat a little one ready for the next time they hit the beach.

Each pendant comes with a choice of chain, please select length at checkout. 

Handmade using Eco silver, 100% recycled material ensuring minimal impact on the earth.

Approx. Size: 21mm x 25mm

Approx. weight 9.32g