Hand stamped sea glass ring
White Sea glass marble ring
embrace the day hand stamped into underside of ring

White Sea Glass Marble Ring

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This beautiful statement ring has a large white sea glass marble set at its centre. A rare find on my local beach in North Yorkshire and one that must be shown off. I wonder what stories it could tell, from being played with in years gone by to how it was lost to the sea and tumbled against the shoreline for years creating its frosted and pitted appearance.

I have hand stamped the base of the ring with patterns, each marking created by striking a punch with a heavy hammer. The patterns radiates around the glass like a sun effect. On the underside I have stamped the affirmation ‘Embrace The Day’, a gentle reminder to start each new day an open mind and heart.

Just like the tides come and go so the days and all that that bring, embrace the day invigorated and fresh like the cool ocean breeze.

UK Size - P1/2

Made from 100% recycled silver.

Officially hallmarked by Sheffield Assay Office.