silver and brass conical ring
silver sea urchin ring
silver and brass peyote ring
mixed metal sea urchin ring
silver pumpkin ring
mixed metal pumpkin ring
eco silver pumpkin ring
eco silver sea urchin ring
mixed metal stacking ring

Sea Urchin Rings

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These sea urchin rings have been inspired by Native American design. There are three varying shapes each symbolising different things; peyote - a cactus used for ritualistic and medicinal use, conical - a tipi tent, pumpkin - food source. Although each design is slightly different their spherical shape and symmetrical lines remind me of a Sea Urchin test (shell). 

Sea Urchins use their entire body as an eye when alive in the ocean, responding to light and moving slow and steady. Then when they’re caught up in rough seas they cling to a rock to keep themselves safe, I think there’s a few things we can all learn from our spiky ocean friend.

Once the Sea Urchin dies and sheds its spines you’re left with its test. These ocean fossils make beautiful finds and the more I read about these interesting creatures I just had to make this collection. I hope you feel a little connected to the mysteries of the deep blue when wearing these delicate silver designs.

Due to each piece of jewellery being handmade no two are the same, making them unique like the sea creature that’s inspired them. Each one has been made with recycled silver and has a brass back plate. The designs have been given an oxidised finish to help highlight details and achieve a rustic look.

Necklaces and earrings also available to match.

Officially hallmarked by the Sheffield Assay Office.

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