Large Lunula Turquoise Earrings #2
Large Lunula Turquoise Earrings #2
Large Lunula Turquoise Earrings #2

Large Lunula Turquoise Earrings #2

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The Lunula earrings are inspired by the talismans young women would wear many moons ago in ancient Rome, an inverted moon would be worn to protect themselves against sorcery and the evil eye.

This design is also linked to the phases of the moon, in particular the waxing and waning phases.. The waxing moon represents intention, it's the time you can think about what you want and why, a time to plant seeds. The waning moon represents surrender, this is a time to let go of things you've tried to control.

The moon is a constant in our life, it marks the end of a day and a chance to rest and reset. 

These statement earrings are surprisingly lightweight and the hooked ear wire means they sway beautifully as you move. A stunning Royston turquoise stone sits above the large crescent moon which is embellished by its points.

Turquoise is a protective stone and has been worn for centuries as a talisman, from shamans to warriors the stone is said to ward off evil and keep the wearer safe and well.  

Handmade using Eco silver.

Approx. size 45mm wide x 85mm drop from top of hook.

Approx. weight per earring = 8.93g

*Please allow two weeks until despatch as they are processed for hallmarking.