unusual sea glass necklace
double sided sea glass necklace
chunky silver sea glass necklace
Large statement sea glass necklace with texture
Hand stamped detail and granulation

Statement Sea Glass Orb Necklace

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This unusual sea glass pendant is a real showstopper, it’s both tactile and eye catching. Thick silver has been hand forged to follow the flow of the off-white sea glass. This large bail is held in position by a single rivet positioned at the centre of the silver and sea glass, this means the sea glass has some movement to it and hangs freely in between the setting.

I hand forged the silver to curve and hug the sea glass I then hand stamped the edges of the bail adding texture. Large orbs of silver are dotted sporadically to both the front and back of the pendant. These orbs have been created by granulating the silver, this is where you melt silver until it’s molten and it forms into a ball. Each one is different in size and shape.

A solid silver bar runs across the length of the pendant, to the front hand stamped lines decorate the rod and on the backside official hallmarks are positioned along it. Each end has been flared so that the heavyweight chain can hang from the ends.

This pendant could be worn with either side showing as both are equally interesting. The patina has been polished back to a brushed finished. It’s a rugged relic made in modern day times. A thing of beauty and intrigue.

I collect sea glass from my local shores in North Yorkshire and spend hours combing the sand for those glistening washed up treasures. This particular piece has made its way into a statement necklace.

Made using eco silver which is 100% recycled.

This is a personal favourite that speaks to me greatly, know that it will be gift wrapped with great love.

The pendant hangs from a heavyweight 20” belcher chain that I’ve oxidised it to compliment the style.

Officially hallmarked by Sheffield Assay Office.